Big Squaw is one of the only non-profit operated ski areas in the country. 27 trails dot the ski area while one triple lift ferries skiers up to the top of a 660-foot vertical drop. There is an even mix of difficulties here, with the trails split almost evenly among beginner, intermediate and expert runs. If you’re heading here to take in the breathtaking view of Moosehead Lake, you’re going to need lift tickets. Even though Big Squaw is affordable, there’s no reason to pay full price, not when saving on discount Big Squaw Mountain lift tickets are so easy to get.

Keys to Saving

The key to saving the most money you can on discount Big Squaw Mountain lift tickets is getting them as soon as you have your plans hammered out. Like almost everything vacation related, the longer you delay purchasing your tickets, the more expensive they’ll be. Eventually, you’ll find yourself standing at the window, paying walk-up prices and wondering how you got there. Don’t do that, not when it’s so easy to save money and get a great deal on discount Big Squaw Mountain lift tickets.

Another key to maximizing your savings in regards to discount Big Squaw Mountain lift tickets is to let us help you. Put our expertise to work for you. We have spent a lot of time forging relationships with the resorts. That means we’ve got the inside scoops on deals and savings. Even if you don’t find something that suits your needs the first time you look, keep checking with us. We are constantly updating our information with the latest deals. When you book your lift tickets with us, we can guarantee you’ll save at least 20 percent off the walk-up pricing.

On Walk-up Pricing

There’s one thing you should know about the walk-up pricing at Big Squaw Mountain. There is nowhere that will charge more for lift tickets. This is because the resort has no limit on the number of tickets that can be sold at any time. This means that there are no scalpers who will try to sell tickets at a higher price. That also means that anywhere else that sells tickets will do so at a discount; however, getting your lift tickets with us will ensure that you’re getting the best deal on discount Big Squaw Mountain lift tickets possible.

On Half-Days

There may come a time when you arrive at the resort late and without discount Big Squaw Mountain lift tickets in hand. When this happens, you’ll see that you can get a half-day ticket. These half-day tickets give you a small savings on the cost of a full price ticket, but with a caveat. You can only ski half the day. This isn’t a good deal. You’re giving up half a day of your vacation. This is time you should be skiing, not standing around waiting for the clock to strike a magic hour. Isn’t your vacation time worth more than the few dollars you’re going to save? Still, with our help, you’re going to have discount Big Squaw Mountain lift tickets already in hand and won’t have to worry about walk-up prices or half-days.