Ski season is the best season. Everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere is your playground when that magical time comes upon you. But no matter where you decide to drop in, you’re going to need lift tickets. And, you know as well as we do that lift tickets get pretty hairy. Don’t bum, however, we’ve got the solution. With our help, you can save a bundle on discount Camden Snow Bowl lift tickets and get started on that dream ski vacation of yours. Here are the current window rates for lift tickets at Camden Snow Bowl

Ditch the Window

If there’s one sure way to make sure you aren’t going to save any money whatsoever, it’s to buy your lift tickets at the resort window. So don’t do it. It doesn’t matter if you get your tickets from a grocery store on Main Street; they’re going to be cheaper than the walk up price at Camden. See, the resort knows that once you’re there, you’re going to pay whatever you have to in order to get up that slope and onto that fresh powder. Again, don’t ever pay the walkup price, not when getting discount Camden Snow Bowl lift tickets is so easy.

Half-Day Tickets? No.

While you’re thinking about lift tickets, you might think that half-day tickets are a good way to save some cash. You’re right, and you’re wrong; you’re mostly wrong, however. See, the half day at Camden starts at 12:30 on the weekends and 3:00 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. For missing out on a full half-day, you only save 10 bucks on weekdays and five on the weekends. That’s not a very good deal. Camden also offers a three-hour ticket on the weekdays for only $22. When a walkup ticket for a full day costs $29, that’s not a very good deal at all. The only time you should consider a half-day ticket is if you’ve arrived at the slopes without a ticket in hand and it’s after the cutoff time.

So, How to Save Money?

You want to save money and get discount Camden Snow Bowl lift tickets, but how? The best way is to buy them online as soon as you know you’re going skiing. The longer you wait, however, the less you’re going to save. If you let us help, we can make sure you get the best deal on your discount Camden Snow Bowl lift tickets. We are constantly updating the information on our site so you can make the best decision on what tickets to buy and for what dates.

Other Great Ways to Save

If you’re looking for other ways to save, consider one of these options. Camden has ski and stay package agreements with several nearby hotels. Basically, you rent a room at one of these hotels, and they toss in lift tickets. You end up paying way less for the package than you would pay for your room and ticket individually, so it ends up being a great deal for you. Some of the hotels even toss in meal vouchers and have free breakfasts, so you can end up saving more than you expected. As these deals become available, we’ll update our site so you have the best information possible.