Mt Jefferson is one of the smallest ski areas in Maine, suitable for a fun weekend or a stop along a ski tour of Maine’s resorts. 12 acres of skiing features 2-beginner rated trails, 3-intermediate, and 6-advanced and a 432-foot vertical. While this isn’t going to challenge you if you’re used to Sugarloaf or the larger New England resorts, it’s still a fun stop for families and people looking to try out skiing. You still need lift tickets, however. Make sure you don’t spend more than you need to and get your discount Mt Jefferson lift tickets with our help.

Keeping Money in Your Wallet

You like to save money, right? Of course, everyone does, especially when it comes to your ski vacation. After all, the more money you can save on necessities like lift tickets or hotel rooms, the more money you have to spend on the fun stuff. That’s why getting discount Mt Jefferson lift tickets is so important. Lift tickets have gotten fairly expensive over the years and being able to save money on them is great. The best way you can do this is by starting to shop for them as soon as you know your vacation plans. Like most everything else vacation related, the longer you wait to get your stuff, the more expensive it ends up being. The real trick then, lies in having a reliable way to track all of the available discounts when they happen.

That’s why you should let us help you. We’ve already done all the work for you, collating all of the discounts available from the little ones just around the corner to the big ones that are months away. This means you’ve got all the information you need to make the best decision for your vacation. Additionally, we’re constantly updating our data, so if you don’t see something that works for you right away, that doesn’t mean there won’t be something else down the line. No matter what, if you book your discount Mt Jefferson lift tickets with us, we can guarantee at least a 20 percent savings off the walk-up pricing at the resort.

Why You Should Avoid the Window

The window at the resort is a great place to pick up your lift tickets. It is not, however, a great place to buy them. The walk-up price at the resort is a last resort pricing for people who didn’t already get discount Mt Jefferson lift tickets. Simply put, there’s no place else that’s going to cost more for your lift tickets. So if you’re interested in saving money on your vacation expenses, you need to get your lift tickets from anywhere else.

Half-day tickets are an option that you’ll see when you hit the resort window. On the surface, they look like a good deal. After all, you’re saving a couple of bucks and all you’re giving up is half the day of skiing. However, the mornings that you’re giving up on; that is the best time to ski. This is your vacation. You have six or seven mornings of freshly groomed snow to revel in; that many chances to be the first person to cut a line on a new favorite run. Why would you ever give that up just to save a couple of bucks? In the end, the only time a half-day ticket is worth it is if you don’t have discount Mt Jefferson lift tickets already and you get to the resort just before or after the cutoff time.