If there’s one thing that you can’t do without when it comes to a skiing vacation, it’s your lift tickets. Unfortunately, resorts know this, so lift tickets end up being one of the highest expenses on a ski vacation, sometimes costing more than the airline tickets to get there if you pay resort window pricing. Just remember, that with our help, you should never pay that much. After all, scoring some premium Shawnee Peak lift tickets is simple. Listed below are the daily window prices charged at the resort.

Ditch the Window

It’s a bad feeling, knowing that you’ve wasted money that you didn’t have to. You work hard for your money so why should you spend more than you need to? Quite simply, you shouldn’t. So if you find yourself at the resort window about to pay full price for a lift ticket, know that you’re about to pay way more than you should. Every vacation resort knows that if you’ve come to the ticket window, you’re willing to pay whatever it takes to get in, so they’re going to charge you the maximum price they can. Don’t let them take advantage when you can get discount Shawnee Peak lift tickets quickly and easily.

Half-Day Shawnee PeakLift Tickets

Sometimes it happens that you get to the resort a little later in the day. You see that they have half day lift tickets that are a few bucks cheaper, and after all, you’ve already missed out on an hour or two of slope time, what’s another hour or two? But consider this. It’s your vacation and do you really want to waste it sitting in the lodge when you could be out on the slopes? You came on a ski vacation to ski, not sit and drink beer. You can do that at home on your couch. Pretty much the only time a half day ticket makes sense is if you arrive just before or after the cutoff and you don’t have a ticket already in hand. Thankfully, however, you should never have to deal with half day tickets or window prices. With our help, you’ll have discount Shawnee Peak lift tickets in hand.

Discount Lift Tickets

The best way to save money on your lift tickets at Shawnee Peak is to buy them as early as you can. You should let us help you and book your tickets here. We can help you get the biggest savings possible on your lift tickets. We consistently update our records to bring you the latest deals and best information. With this wealth of data, it’s easy for you to make a decision that is right for you and your vacation. With our help, getting premium discount Shawnee Peak lift tickets got even easier.

Other Shawnee Peak Discounts

Another great way to save money on your lift tickets is by taking advantage of ski and stay packages. Local hotels and the resort will work together to bundle in lift tickets with your lodging. The cost of the lodging goes up a little bit, but you end up paying way less overall than you would if you bought the two items separately. This is a great option if there are no advance lift tickets available for the days you want to ski, getting you a great rate on your lift ticket.