It’s no secret that lift tickets can be one of the most expensive parts of going on a ski vacation. A seven day ticket at the window will cost over five hundred dollars per adult. However, there are a few tips to scoring decent discount Sugarloaf lift tickets. Below are the resort window prices for Sugarloaf for the 2015-2016 season.

Avoiding the Window

When you go to buy lift tickets, one of the worst feelings is that you’ve overspent or that you’ve been taken advantage of. Remember that if you’re about to pay full resort price for a lift ticket at the window, you’re throwing some money away. Sugarloaf knows that once you’re at the resort, you want to get out on the slopes. So they’re going to charge you the maximum rate they can for the convenience. However, you should never pay the full window rate, especially when it’s so easy to get discount Sugarloaf lift tickets.

Half-Day Sugarloaf Lift Tickets

While we’re discussing things to avoid, sometimes you find yourself getting to the resort the first day  after opening. You see that you can either pay the full amount for a full day of skiing or just wait and pay a discounted rate for a half day ticket. That’s a mistake. The half-day rate starts at 12, and the lifts close at 3:50. That means you get just under four hours of skiing and only save about twenty bucks.  And another thing, it’s your vacation. Why spend it watching other people ski when you could be on the slopes. About the only time a half day ticket ever makes sense is if you arrive just before or after 12. Remember though, with our help, you should never find yourself worrying about window rates. We can help you score discount Sugarloaf lift tickets that get you on the slopes quickly.

Discount Lift Tickets

Pretty much the best way to get discount Sugarloaf lift tickets is to plan ahead at least two weeks in advance. This works because the closer you get to the day of travel, the higher the price you pay is going to be. Book with us and we can get you discount Sugarloaf lift tickets quickly and easily. We constantly update the deals on our site to get you the latest information on Sugarloaf. While we may not always have deals you want, taking a quick peek to ensure you aren’t missing out on a great deal is just smart.

Other Ways to Save

You can also save money on your trip with ski and stay packages. Sugarloaf collaborates with nearby hotels to package lodging and lift tickets together. You score a nice discount on your lift tickets and your lodging in a one stop shop. We have the listings of the current ski and stay packages that Sugarloaf offers. Another way to save is by purchasing limited slope access tickets. For only $19 per day, you can use the Snubber, Sawduster, and Skidway lifts, which give you access to three easy cruiser trails. Mid-mountain access is available for $55 per day which gets you on the Snubber, Sawduster, Skidway, Whiffletree, Bucksaw, and Doublerunner lifts. If you’re not going to access the single and double black diamond runs at Sugarloaf, this can be a great way to save money as well.