When you’re planning a skiing vacation at Sunday River, one of the things you have to account for are the cost of your lift tickets. With rising costs, lift tickets are one of the most expensive items on your vacation. With the window price for a seven day ticket peaking at $529, a week of skiing can cost more than your airline ticket. However, there’s no reason to pay the resort window price when it’s simple to score discount Sunday River lift tickets. Listed below are the lift ticket prices for the 2015-16 season.

Dodge the Window

When it comes to lift tickets, don’t let the resort take advantage of you. If you’re standing at the resort window, you’re about to pay the highest price for lift tickets that Sunday River can charge. The resort knows that if you’re there, you just want to hit the slopes. They are going to take advantage of your lack of preplanning and charge you the most they can for that convenience. Don’t pay that high price when you can easily get discount Sunday River lift tickets.

Half Day Tickets

Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that half day tickets are a good deal. For example, let’s say you arrive at the resort an hour or two before the 12:30 cutoff time and decide to wait until you can buy the cheaper half day ticket. You end up saving twenty-four dollars, but you lose out on quite a bit of skiing time. And this is your vacation, do you really want to just sit around? You came to Sunday River to ski, so get out there. However, with some foresight, you should avoid both of these pitfalls with discount Sunday River lift tickets ready at hand.

Discount Sunday River Lift Tickets

The absolutely best way to save money on your lift tickets is to buy in advance, preferably at least two or three weeks. Buying this far in advance will allow you to not only save money, but also save time. When you get to the resort, just show your proof of purchase and the tickets are ready on the spot. Book your lift tickets with us to make sure you’re getting the best deal. We are constantly updating our site to ensure you get the latest discounts and deals to make the best decision for your vacation.

Other Sunday River Savings

Another great way to save on your lift tickets is to take advantage of ski and stay packages. Sunday River will collaborate with local hotels and offer a lift ticket that is bundled with your hotel room. This ensures that you get a discount Sunday River lift ticket. The overall price for both the room and the ticket are discounted, and you can usually get up to four lift tickets with a single room, depending on the hotel occupancy policies.