When you take out for a fun day on the mountains, then you’re able to make the most use of the mountains ahead of you. Big Squaw Mountain is one where so many are talking about, and a must see for those going through Maine. The trip that you take to the Mountain however, does not have to be an expensive one. Enjoy many different discounts and discounted packages that come with the ski rentals at Big Squaw Mountain.

Ski Packages for Less

Choosing to purchase skis right there at the resort is something that can be done, but if you’re planning your trip ahead of time, make sure to speak with us regarding additional discounts that we are able to provide you with. You’re able to have a better, more affordable time when you can use these ski rentals at Big Squaw Mountain to your advantage and save a buck or two.

Renting your equipment from Big Squaw Mountain comes with a price. They only do rentals in a package deal, so you cannot pick and choose the equipment that you do need. For the helmet, poles, boots and skis, you can expect to spend around $20 for the entire day for an adult. While this is an affordable price, renting for further times can increase the discounts that you get when renting from the mountain.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are additional considerations to keep in mind when choosing ski rentals at Big Squaw Mountain. Sometimes, the price to purchase or rent skis at an off-site location might be more expensive, but this is something that has to be looked into. The ski rentals that are provided through Powder Dream Ski Shop come in around $25 to $30 per day, making them a bit more expensive than what the mountain is offering for their rentals.

When you head out for your adventure, ensure that you have the proper sizing, rentals and lessons for the day. When it comes to ski rentals at Big Squaw Mountain, booking your trip ahead of time can provide a deeper discount, as well as renting for more than one or two days for the mountain. They continue to give discounts for groups, as well as long trips to the resort. Keep this in mind when you go in to get your rentals from the mountain itself.

Here are the list of ski rental shops near Big Squaw Mountain:

Powder Dreams Ski Shop – http://visitmaine.com/organization/powder-dreams-ski-shop/?uid=vtmA2566888B92E21D68