Undisputed as the best place to ski, Camden Snow Bowl has been providing rentals, lessons, and lodging for those that enjoy the icy slopes. However, those who go there are wondering whether or not buying or renting their skis is the best option. Fortunately, Camden Snow Bowl ski rentals provide many packages for the skier wishing to rent skis from them. Bringing the skis with you may not be the most frugal option, since transporting them can be costly. Choosing to use Camden Snow Bowl ski rentals can prove to be affordable and easier for the skier.

Obtaining Ski Rental Packages from Camden Snow Bowl

 There are many ideal options to choose from while skiing at the Camden Snow Bowl. All of the rental packages include the skis or board, poles, boots, and helmet. The prices for adults start at $33 for a full day of rentals, but only $16 for each additional day. Youth, ages 7 to 16, start at $28 for a full day of ski rentals and for each additional day it is $12. Those 6 and under can enjoy ski rentals starting at $19 and $12 for each additional day thereafter.

For those that wish to use the poles only, it is $10; and helmets alone are $5 for a full day of rental. Each package can provide an affordable and close way to rent the equipment that is needed without having to worry about bringing your own or finding other outlets for Camden Snow Bowl Ski Rentals.

Things to Keep in Mind

Camden Snow Bowl ski rentals directly from the lodge can also provide you with the fittings and the other information needed for the high quality rentals. Also, they continuously check and monitor the safety ratings on all of the rentals that they provide to their visitors. They can ensure that the right rentals are given; and the returning of the rentals can be easy when renting from the same place you’re choosing to stay.

While using other rental outlets, ensure that you check out the brands and quality of the products. Often times, these smaller shops offer name brand, high quality ski rentals such as Rossignol and Fischer.

Other Ski Rental Options by the Camden Snow Bowl

For those that wish to find Camden Snow Bowl ski rentals that are nearby and not directly at the lodge, they can find additional information below. Each rental place offers skis, poles, boots, helmets, and boards for those that wish to go down the hills. They can be rented by the week, half day, or full day.


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Maine Sport Outfitters – http://www.mainesport.com