When looking for the most exhilarating slopes out there, Lost Valley provides an extensive amount of slopes to choose from. Bring the whole family or enjoy the slopes on your own or with a friend during your visit. Deciding whether to buy or rent skis during your trip to Maine to hit the slopes is always something to consider. You can save cash by renting skis, and being able to still hit the slopes.

Ski Packages for Less

When you plan your ski trip ahead of time with Lost Valley, you’re able to easily get a better rate on the sky packages that they provide, including the rentals. When you speak with us ahead of time, you can, not only reserve the right size gear but we can answer any and all of the questions that you might have regarding what it is that we offer. There is no reason to break the bank in order to have a good time on the slopes.

Purchasing off-site rentals for your trip is something that can also be done to save additional cash. You’re able to save close to half of what you’d spend at the counters at the Lost Valley resort. Considering that they are at $30 for a whole day of rentals, you can get rentals with off-site suppliers at $15 to $20 for a whole day at BlackTie Ski Rentals. Choosing to go with a week package can save additional percentages on the amount of rentals that you need.

Things to Keep in Mind

BlackTie Ski Rentals provides the delivery that you might need to the slopes, and will come back and pick them up once you’re time is over. With an assortment of sizes and styles, you’re able to get high quality gear for half the price of the rentals within Lost Valley. On the Snow Ski Rentals provides a wide range of services to those that are visiting the mountain. You’re able to keep them in mind when choosing the top notch skiing gear to make your trip much easier, and more rewarding.

Enjoy all that comes from skiing the slopes of Lost Valley through the use of on-site, or off-site sky rentals for an affordable price. Always enjoy what the slopes have to offer for groups, or just individuals. The slopes take on a whole new level when you’re ready to hit them and glide down.

Here are the list of ski rental shops near Lost Valley:

BlackTie Ski Rentals   https://www.blacktieskis.com/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwosK4BRCYhsngx4_SybcBEiQAowaCJUxkSezHoWe1TurL3-XXIa5EFBPgLrcTO0Q7iW98J0saAqGz8P8HAQ

On the Snow Ski Rentals  http://www.onthesnow.com/maine/lost-valley/skirentals.html