Enjoy ski rentals at Mt Jefferson when the time comes to hit the slopes and enjoy all that comes from this family owned mountain and slopes. With many rentals available, as well as lessons and things to do, your family is able to have a great time when they go out and about. Enjoy all that comes from the mountains ahead and make sure to keep your eye out for some of the discounts that come from the ski rentals at Mt Jefferson, as well as other ski packages.

Getting Skiing Gear Discounted

Speak with us here regarding the ski packages that we can provide you with ahead of time. When you plan in advance, we can provide packages for ski rentals at Mt Jefferson for the whole family to save you some cash while you head out on an adventure. When you stay and play, you can also get some rentals added into the amount, so that you do not have to pay separately for these or bring your own gear with you, which can become quite costly.

Sometimes doing ski rentals at Mt. Jefferson off-site can provide more competitive pricing, as compared to the ones at the mountain. However, this does not seem to be the case since Mt Jefferson offers ski rentals for only $15 for the whole day for adults. This can be a competitive price in the market, and it is also better than some of the other mountains throughout the Maine area. As compared to Piche’s that provides rentals at $30 per day for the whole day for adults. The mountain offers them at half price.

What You Should Keep in Mind

Socks and helmets are two safety precautions you want to take on top of the ski rentals at Mt. Jefferson. The helmets are offered to those renting from them for an extra $5, but this price can be worth it in order to provide additional safety while going down the slopes ahead. Socks however, cannot be rented but they can be purchased within the mountain’s shop. Choosing a thick pair of wool socks that wicks away the moisture from your feet will keep you comfortable during the ride.

Enjoy name brands such as Volcom, Roxy and Timbuk-2 from the ski rentals at Mt Jefferson, as well as the benefit of using products that are higher in quality and provide the essentials that are needed for safety and fun.

List of Ski Rentals Near Mt. Jefferson:

Phillbricks Sports Shop – http://www.philbricks.com/

Piche’s New England Ski Shop – http://www.piches.com/

The Powder Dreams Ski Shop – http://visitmaine.com/organization/powder-dreams-ski-shop/?uid=vtmA2566888B92E21D68

The Nordic Skiier – http://www.nordicskiersports.com/xc