Within the greater Bangor area, you’re able to find New Hermon Mountain hiding there in all of its glory. Not only that, but it provides you with just about everything that is out there to enjoy when the time comes. Save some extra cash when you bring the family out for some skiing fun when you look into discounted ski rentals at New Hermon Mountain and all that they can provide you with. You can have fun, without spending too much cash in the process.

Getting Skiing Gear for Less

Finding discount ski rental at New Hermon Mountain can start with a simple phone call or email to us. We can book your trip in advance and find the best deals on lodging, ski rentals and other important aspects of the trip that you’re about to take. Through the best offers that are currently happening, you’re able to get more of a discount on the stay you have with the mountain and the skiing that you’re going to be doing.

If we do not have the recommended package discount available for the ski rentals at New Hermon Mountain, then checking out off-site places to obtain discount ski gear can be done. The Nordic Skier provides ski equipment for as low as $25 per day, with each additional day becoming less. The ski rentals at New Hermon Mountain start around $20 per day for adults for the whole day, with extras such as helmets being extra cash for the day. Depending on your needs, one might be better than another.

What You Should Keep in Mind

Choosing high quality ski gear is always ideal. Whether you’re choosing ski rentals at New Hermon Mountain or going with an off-site rental facility, knowing the brands and the quality of gear is always a good thing. With everything from Salomon to Billabong, and those in between, as well as knowing that their gear has been safety tested and checked. Phillbricks is a highly reputable shop that provides only the best in gear.

Don’t forget the helmet when you hit the slopes and let loose. You do not want to worry about safety issues when it comes to getting your ski rentals at New Hermon Mountain. Always throw the helmet in and keep it with the package during your rental time, regardless if you feel you need it or not.

Here are the list of ski rental shops near New Hermon Mountain:

Powder Dreams Ski Shop – http://visitmaine.com/organization/powder-dreams-ski-shop/?uid=vtmA2566888B92E21D68

The Nordic Skier – http://www.nordicskiersports.com/xc

Phillbricks Sports Shop – http://www.philbricks.com/