Powderhouse Hill is packed with thrills and spills down the steeping slopes of the hills. Enjoy a vacation in the resort that offers an exciting time, but make sure to check out the discounts that are out there for the gear you might need to hit the slopes. With so much to already worry about, the ski rentals at Powderhouse Hill should be the last of your concern. Consider saving a buck or two when it comes to heading out on a vacation worthwhile.

Ski Packages for Less

When you get a hold of us ahead of time, you’re able to grab some of the most discounted rated on the ski rentals at Powderhouse Hill. We can be sure to provide you with the essential tickets needed to hit the slopes, without having to break the bank in order to do so. Through the use of the many discounts we can give, and knowing the sizes needed, you can be prepared for the slopes ahead.

Considering the discounts given at off-site rental areas, rather than purchasing ski rentals at Powderhouse Hill, you’re able to consider a hefty discount on the items that you need. Not only that, but you can rent what you need, instead of having to purchase the entire ski package for the day. With prices starting around $15 per day for the whole day, and increasing depending on the days and the amount of day needed, the ski rental packages can be customized to fit the needs that you have for the slopes.

Things to Keep in Mind

Socks are an essential part of skiing. Using thinner, cotton socks can be breathable, but they will not provide the protection that your feet need. Consider bringing extra wool socks, or purchasing a pair from the ski shop at the slopes. Ski rentals at Powderhouse Hill also provide additional ski accessories needed for hitting the slopes.

Additionally, you can save extra cash when you make your trip longer and obtain rentals for more days than a couple. This will give you a deeper discount than just doing the one or two off days.

When you go to hit the slopes at Powderhouse Hill, have the time of your life but remember, there are always ways that you can save when it comes to the ski rentals at Powderhouse Hill. You’re able to make the most out of your trip when you save a buck or two on the entire trip as a whole.

Here are the list of ski rental shops near Powderhouse Hill:

Powder Dreams Ski Shop – http://visitmaine.com/organization/powder-dreams-ski-shop/?uid=vtmA2566888B92E21D68

Snowboard Jones Rentals – http://www.snowboardjones.com/

Phillbricks Sports Shop – http://www.philbricks.com/