Skiing at Shawnee Peak is a vacation of a lifetime. However, like all vacations, skiing has started to become more expensive. Still, there are plenty of ways to reduce costs during your vacation, whether it’s taking advantage of ski and stay packages, or discount airfare. A popular way that money-smart skiers have opted to cut costs is by renting gear instead of buying. But even while saving money by renting, there are still ways to trim the fat even more. Here are some tips on saving on your Shawnee Peak ski rentals.

Spend Less, Get More

The number one thing you want to watch out for if you’re looking to save money on your Shawnee Peak ski rentals is to dodge the resort window. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rent from the resort, far from it. There are some amazing deals to be had when renting gear from the resorts, provided you do it the correct way.  Rather, you don’t want to rent directly from the resort window and pay the walkup price. Instead, plan ahead a little, and when you know you’re going skiing, check with us. We constantly update our information so you know you’re getting the best deal. In fact, with our help, you can save up to 20 percent on all your gear rentals.

Another way to avoid paying the walkup price for your Shawnee Peak ski rentals is to rent offsite. A few minutes of driving can save you a lot of money. Sure, you’re giving up the convenience of having your gear onsite, but with as much money as you’re going to save, it’s worth it. For example, the walkup rate for Shawnee Peak ski rentals at the window is $38 per day. However, just a few minutes away at Sports Haus Ski, you can get the same gear for only $25 for the first day and then $21 for each additional. Over a week, you’re looking at a savings of $115 per person. With our help, you’ll never be stuck out in the cold paying more than you should for your Shawnee Peak ski rentals.

Ski Packages

In general, ski packages break down into three tiers. There are the sports packages, the performance packages, and the demo packages. Knowing which one you want can be difficult if you aren’t used to the lingo. In general, they break down to your experience level. Novice to intermediate skiers should stick to the sports, or lowest tier, package. These skis will be more forgiving and flexible, perfect for intermediate slopes. Performance packages have skis that are a little stiffer, giving more feedback for the intermediate to advanced skier. If you’re comfortable on your feet and want to try something with a little more zip, paying a bit extra can really make your vacation pop. Demo packages are the top of the line skis. This is a way for you to try out some of this year’s model skis without paying $600 to ride them. Demo packages run about $50 per day, but if you really want to tear up the slopes, there’s no better way to do it and still stay within a budget.

Lastly, don’t forget your helmet. Helmets don’t come standard with any packages and must be rented separately. This is because a lot of skiers own their own helmets. It’s a fiscally sound investment, especially if you plan on skiing more than a couple of weeks in your lifetime. Helmets cost $8 to $10 per day to rent, but only about $150 to buy new. It’s up to you what you decide, but just remember to wear one. A helmet can save your life out there.

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