Maine is a beautiful area, and when you want to hit those slopes and make the most of your time then you can be sure to stand strong when it comes to visiting Spruce Mountain. However, you also do not want to break the bank in the process of finding the best ski rentals at Spruce Mountain, and having to pay for your lodging and admission to the resort. Enjoy more out of the trip when you find ways to save those pennies, and still have a good time.

Ski Packages for Less

One of the best ways to go about getting discounts is through speaking with us here. Not only can we plan out the trip you’re having ahead of time, but we can find you the most affordable ski rentals at Spruce Mountain to use. In addition to this, we also welcome anyone that wishes to book in advance, since this allows us time to get the sizes and rental information ready for your trip date.

Purchasing your ski rentals at Spruce Mountain off-site can provide additional discounts, depending on where you’re going to be getting them from. Both Snowboard Jones Rentals and Phillbricks provides the user with a way to rent an entire ski package for around $25 per day, and the price continues to go down for every day thereafter that you’d like to continue to use the package. Ski rentals at Spruce Mountain may not be available during your date, so checking with the resort ahead of time is recommended.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep your feet dry and warm during the skiing sessions by using a pair of thick wool socks. This provides you with a way to not only keep warm, but provide cushioning inside the ski boots that have to be used with the skis and poles.

Spruce Mountain provides package deals for those that wish to come out and stay for the day, and also get the lessons that are needed. In addition, if you visit Spruce Mountain regularly, purchasing season passes might be the best way to go about saving some cash instead of purchasing tickets for each of the days, or weekends that you head out to the hills.

Enjoy your trip, and save some cash in the process. Speak with us ahead of time to start your ski rentals at Spruce Mountain off right, or check into other ways that you’re able to save cash when hitting the slopes.

Here are the list of ski rental shops near Spruce Mountain:

Powder Dreams Ski Shop –

Snowboard Jones Rentals –

Phillbricks Sports Shop –