At the friendliest mountain around, you’re able to enjoy all that the slopes have to offer you when you visit Titcomb Mountain and hit the slopes. However, a trip such as this one can be quite expensive to bring your gear with you. Skip the gear, and choose to go with ski rentals at Titcomb Mountain that can provide you with a little bit of everything that you need. With discounts out there, you can make the most of your trip, without spending the entire savings to do so.

Getting Skiing Gear Discounted

Speaking with us ahead of time before you book your reservations with the mountain can prove to provide additional discounts. The ski rentals at Titcomb Mountain that we provide you with are discounted tickets to ensure that you’re able to save additional money on your trip. We can set everything up for you so that your rentals are waiting there for when the date of your trip arrives.

Though Snowboard Jones looks geared mostly to snowboarders, they also provide ski rentals at Titcomb Mountain for those that wish to save a few dollars. Starting around $20 per day, and going down thereafter for every day they are needed, they have an affordable rate that anyone is able to enjoy. The ski rentals at Titcomb Mountain start around $20, and can be split up depending on what you need, whether it is just boots, poles or a helmet. The prices are around the same, but depending on what packages you’re looking for, each provides additional benefits to the user.

What You Should Keep in Mind

Using a helmet while hitting the slopes is one of the biggest recommendations that can be made to those out there. When it comes to choosing one though, especially with ski rentals at Titcomb Mountain, you have to ensure that they are in the best shape possible and that nothing is wrong with them in the end. Through the use of the helmet, everyone is able to hit the slopes, but also be safe.

Don’t forget to wear moisture wicking thick socks to the mountain! These are not something you can rent, but they are something you do not want to leave home without. They can provide you with a comfortable way to hit the slopes without having to stop. They also prevent blisters from happening from overuse. Thick, quality socks are essential and can be purchased at the shop where the ski rentals at Titcomb Mountain can be found.

Here are the list of ski rental shops near Titcomb Mountain:

Snowboard Jones –

The Nordic Skiier –

Phillbricks Sports Shop –