Mount Abram is located just outside of Bethel, Maine in the western edge of the state. Located on the mountain of the same name, Mount Abrams covers 560 acres with two separate base lodges; one to the west and one in the center. The base is located at 1050 feet with a summit at 2250 feet. This gives Abram a vertical of 1050 feet, which is respectable for the area. Average snowfall measures out to 125 inches (3.2 meters) per year. Mount Abram also features night skiing over 75 acres for the night owls.

The Nitty Gritty of the Trails

There are 46 named trails on Mount Abrams. Of these 25 percent are rated novice, 50 percent are intermediate, 20 percent are advanced, and 5 percent are rated double black diamond.  There are five lifts on the mountain, making it extremely uncomplicated to get around. The mountain is split into the west side and the main side.

The West side has the West Side Lodge, which houses the daycare and the learning school. From this base, there is one chair and one surface lift that lead to a series of novice runs. The Skyline chair also gives access to the progression terrain park on the Egomaineah trail.

The Main side has two lifts that speed skiers to the summit to access the intermediate and expert runs. From the Top Shack at the peak, skiers can access one of several steeps or some nice intermediate groomers that head gently down the mountain. For the fastest path down, drop in on the Cliff and then go under the Way Back Machine chair down the advanced steep, Fairy Tales.

The main Lodge also allows access to the tube park set off to the east near the cross-country trails. The advanced terrain park is accessed near the Dudley-Do-Right run and features a fun series of jibs to jumps. Once you’re there, there is no direct lift access so watch for freestylers and boarders walking up along the edge.

What Else

For people looking to explore both parts of Mount Abram, there’s a handy shuttle that runs between the Main Lodge and the West Side Lodge. The daycare center in the West Lodge handles care for children between 6 months to 6 years of age. While the apres-ski scene isn’t huge, some great live bands come play every Friday and Saturday from 3-6pm. The Loose Boots Lounge is also a favorite for skiers looking to relax between runs. For the price, Mount Abrams offers a great deal, making it a local and statewide favorite destination for a weekend ski-cation.