Providing everything that a visitor could ever want inside the resort, this is one of the best places to come and ski. Enjoy more from your trip when you grab snacks, hit the slopes and even check out the rentals that they’re providing to save you an extra buck or two on your trip. With one of the biggest slopes in the region, as well as a beginner’s hill to start on; everyone can come here to learn and stay to make it to the top. Ready to ski away?


 With affordable prices, each of the hotels provide luxury accommodations to those that wish to sleep and ski in the area with Mt. Jefferson. Enjoy all that comes with staying in a four star hotel, with a five star ski resort.

The Whitetail Inn is highly rated for those visiting the area. You’re able to get luxury accommodations for affordable rates, starting at just $50 per night. If you want something a bit more upscale, choose the Katahdin Inn and Suites that start at $80 a night.


 Searching for a restaurant in the area is not hard to do, with many of them offering delicious, affordable options for the whole family.

Check out the Timber House Restaurant that is low key, family friendly and provides a wide menu selection to appeal to any audience. Gillmor’s Restaurant is also another family friendly option that welcomes one and all, and provides home cooked meals. The generic restaurant options are also in the area with Red Lobster and the Olive Garden.

Fast food is also down the strip, allowing you to grab a quick bite when coming to or from Mt. Jefferson ski resort.

 Tickets and Lessons Offered

 Tickets start at just $20 per adult, allowing you to ski the entire day away. Lessons are also provided in the ticket prices for those that need to learn how to navigate down the slopes for the first time. Starting at $15, you can grab rentals if you want to keep your gear at home, or if you do not own any.

Take the time to check into everything that this beautiful ski resort has to offer. Let Mt Jefferson ski resort be your next vacation destination. Completely family friendly and a great place for one and all to ski, you’re able to get much more out of the trip that you take together as you head down the slopes ahead.