Powderhouse Hill ski resort provides the skier with beautiful views, all terrains and the chance to hit the wide open hills with confidence. Providing hills that vary in sizes for every type of skier out there, you’re able to start with the smaller ones and work your way up. Maine has additional beautiful sites to see in the area, as well as places to stop and rest. Enjoy more out of this skiing vacation when you visit the Powderhouse Hill ski resort in South Berwick, Maine.


 Though Powderhouse Hill ski resort does not provide accommodations on their grounds, there are many nice hotels that you can stay with.

For something quaint and affordable, the Farmstead Bed and Breakfast provides comfortable accommodations for less than the rooms in the area. However, if you want more of a hotel feel to where you stay then the Days Inn, Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites are all just a short drive away. All prices starting at just $100 for the hotels.

Staying in Portsmouth or the downtown area also means more luxurious accommodations, even if it means a bit longer drive. The Hilton Garden Inn starts at $230 per room and is more than comfortable.


 Enjoy all of the food that Maine has to offer during your skiing trips. Once you hit the slopes, stop by one of these highly regarded restaurants for a bite to eat before heading to your room.

Fogarty’s Restaurant is home cooked meals, family fun and friendly for one and all. With fresh seafood, and many other American dishes; you can get great service, a wonderful atmosphere and the ability to enjoy food that you love, straight from Maine.

The Thistle Pig is named weird, but their food is some of the best in the area. A little more high scale, but with many delicious treats awaiting you, dinner is always the best served meal within this Maine restaurant.

 Tickets and Lessons Offered

 With affordable prices, you can get into the ski area for just $5. Visitors and residents are both encouraged to come and take lessons before hitting the slopes. Rentals are also available on the slopes, or nearby from many of the reputable companies.

When you’re ready to visit Powderhouse Hill ski resort, make sure to check into the best hotel in the area and head out. You will have fun hitting the slopes, checking out the local stores and cafes, visiting museums and learning more about Maine as a whole, including the skiing in the region. Happy trails.